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25/02/2008 22:37:51 amanda

Hi tina

we are selling milly due to not being right for showing her ears are on the big side and 2 of her bottom teeth have gone a bit out of place. It is a shame because she is such a lovely girl and has a lovely temperment where ever she goes she has to go to a good loving home.


21/02/2008 22:38:51 Gallantstaff

Hi Tina, Thank you for signing our Guest book

You have a great website and  beautiful Staffords, just love Rogue she is stunning.

All the very best for 2008, see you at Crufts.

Best Wishes.

Paul,Babs and all at Gallantstaff  xxx

20/02/2008 12:00:01 tracy bamstaffords

hi there dogs are all looking lovely rouge is a real stunner and im loving mickey what a boy best of luck in the show scene with him.

pop by and see my litter born 11/01/08 6 bitches 3 dogs  red & red/white pied all doing great




17/02/2008 17:58:09 Gelena

Hi Tina,


Thank you for signing our guestbook, I’m glad that you like Lexus. You have a very nice and interesting site, I really enjoyed looking around and reading useful information. You have great dogs, especially Mickey and Lilah. God luck wit her at Ringcraft Classes and future dog shows! All the best for 2008!


Best regards

Gelena, Joachim & Lexus

02/02/2008 18:07:58 Kevin Wells
Great looking site, Best of luck for 2008

02/02/2008 12:50:48 Gary Nicholson

Hi Tina,

Super site, enjoyed browsing, I liked the advise for around the home, good luck with your planned litters, come and say hi at one of the shows.

Good luck for 2008

Gary (Ballindona)

24/01/2008 16:45:24 Karen Acutestaff SBT

Hi Tina

Have looked at your planned matings section.  Rogue and Jake should produce some stunning puppies.  Good luck with everything.

Karen, Polly, Sidney, Misty & Chilli XXX

18/01/2008 21:05:56 Michelle L Love the site.  Good luck on Sunday in Manchester!
06/01/2008 22:35:03 Caz Hi Tina just had a look around your site, you've done a great job and the info about the nail clipping is what i needed! and rogue has grown into such a lovely girl she was a  pup last time i saw her. love your new babies too.Wish you the best of luck with showing them and congratulations for crufts 2008 well done! Best Wishes Caz n dante7777
03/01/2008 01:02:23 tracie

just been lookin at ur site and want to congrat u on ur stunning lookin dogs.


29/12/2007 20:22:48 john

Hi Tina

Thank you for signing my guest book,

your site is great lots of info.

That looks a great mating with Rough,

I hope everything goes according to plan.

Will check back for updates and good luck

for 2008.


03/12/2007 18:00:44 Karen Acutestaff SBT

Hi Tina

Love the site.  Those puppies have really grown.  Rogue is looking gorgeous.  Have joined your new forum as you can see.  Are you going to Notts & Derby on 9/12/7.  If you are we will finally get to meet up. I have entered both the girls. We are entered in a few classes as we need more practice LOL. All the best for 2008 and good luck at Crufts.  We nearly made it with 4th in JB at Southern Counties.  Hopefully we will make it for 2009.

Take care

Karen, Sidney, Misty, Chilli & Polly

29/11/2007 09:51:13 Wendy

Super site Tina, best wishes for 2008


16/11/2007 09:02:16 alan hale

hi tina  your new website is looking great with you loved all the pics and all the information your site has on staffords, good luck for the future, alan  & julie (caymenstaffs)

16/10/2007 15:49:07 Mira Kennel Bami-Ida`s


Nice homepage and very nice dogs. Looking forward to see you next litter.



Kennel Bami-Ida`s

12/10/2007 14:25:39 Racheal

Hi Tina!

Just checking out your new website and it looks fantastic!!! :)

I cant wait for Rogues litter next year she is going to have some stunnig lil puppies, keep us updated on Mickey and Liliah as well!

Best wishes and speak soon

Racheal x




10/09/2007 20:50:24 gillian mcmath

hi just checked your site. its lovely. will be checking back to see how your two pups are doing.


10/09/2007 19:40:01 Terri Morrell

Great website Tina. Will keep coming back to look. 


Terri ... Saffy and Ralphie. XX

10/09/2007 19:28:56 Kimmie

Site is looking great Tina. 

Will keep checking back for updates.

Kimmie x

10/09/2007 19:14:19 barry mills hi tina and mark , great site enjoyed it one error in your pedigrees  sorry i got to spoil things on your pups breeding on ooh la la dam is not ch jackstaff fasination uve done a fab job keep up the good work and progress  see u soon barry (millstaff)
10/09/2007 19:13:43

Love the site it looks great. And your dogs are gorgeous.

All the best for the future.


10/09/2007 19:05:12 Christine Bula

Hi Tina,

   Great site,dogs look fab keep up the good work.



Christine xxx

10/09/2007 19:00:53 Dom (Emperorstaff UK)

lookin good so far guys!! good luck with your future shows and defo come say hi at scsbt if you have a min . . all the best

Dom (emperorstaff) . . my website

10/09/2007 18:40:59 Kirst

Hi Tina, love the new site it looks great!!

The dogs are all looking good!!

Talk soon. Kirst xxx

10/09/2007 15:41:40 jane andtye Hi, I love your website, lots of good info and your dogs are really nice.
10/09/2007 15:30:31 Steph

Oops, changed colour to white and comment didn't show lol, try again:

Hi Tina & Co, love your new website design.

Good luck in the future with Rogue, Mickey and Lilah

Steph, Paul & Logie


10/09/2007 15:01:57 Kezza

Hi Babe

New site is looking great.

Bubbas all looking gorgeous, keep up they good work.

Loads of Love

Kerry, Kayla & Senna xxxxxxxxxx


10/09/2007 14:18:56 Ingebjørg Nergaard

Great web-site!

Litle Mickey is just too cute

10/09/2007 14:01:09 Ali at Tigerbull

Hi Tina and Mark,New site is looking great, best of luck with Rogue, Micki and Lila and their show careers.  See ya both at the next show.  Ali and the Tigerbullies.  xx

10/09/2007 13:18:15 Mandy Hi Tina new site is looking great,well done
10/09/2007 13:06:04 Janet Reeve Love the website, have followed your last litter with interest thought the pups lovely. Love your dogs and look forward to seeing your next litter. Good Luck in the future.